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The Donna Reed Show (1958-66 ABC) — starring Reed as 'Donna Stone', Carl Betz as her husband 'Dr. Alex Stone', Paul Peterson as son 'Jeff' and Shelley Fabares as daughter 'Mary'.


The 12 Most Stylish TV Housewives of All Time

"The Donna Reed Show" with Carl Betz and Donna Reed. She was a lovely actress and from Iowa - Denison, IA, I believe. She died in 1986 at only age 64 of pancreatic cancer. That stuff is so deadly. We've lost a lot of good people to it - including Patrick Swayze and Steve Jobs.

1921 Actress, Donna Reed star of It's A Wonderful Life and the Donna Reed Show, was born on Jan. 27, 1921. She passed away on Jan. 14, 1986.

The Donna Reed Show - And we all memorized "Johnny Angel" when Shelley Fabares recorded it...I know I did

Donna Reed Born 27 January 1921 and Died January 14, 1986. Starred in It's a Wonderful Life. The second Miss Ellie on Dallas, briefly married to William Tuttle. Her other noted film roles are The Picture of Dorian Grey, The Last Time I Saw Paris, Backlash, From Here To Eternity. . . . Her well known television series was The Donna Reed Show.