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Tom Clancy’s The Division Screen amazing! I don't think I have ever been so excited for a game.

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FREE! PEMDAS and GEMDAS posters. PARENTHESES - EXPONENTS - MULTIPLICATION - DIVISION - ADDITION - SUBTRACTION I use this poster to help my students remember the order of operations. Also includes an optional poster for GROUPING - EXPONENTS - MULTIPLICATION - DIVISION - ADDITION - SUBTRACTION

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Teaching Long Division

After students can compute with long division, they need to know exactly what it is they are computing! They must be explicitly taught interpreting remainders, and these task cards help them see what to do with each remainder they come across.

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This would be a great project for students in elementary math to complete. It is fun, and also allows students to tell their peers and teacher more about themselves! Great for project-based learning.

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Free template for number order 1-10. Cookie Sheet activities are great for math centers!

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