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Hughenden, the town I based the fictional town of Birralong on for The Crossroads.

These lucky camels were saved by the local vet.

Love the colours in this pic of the railway siding in Hughenden.

The stark landscape of a property on the outskirts of Hughenden.

Drought - a harsh reality of outback life.

Historical Candied Ginger from Inn at the Crossroads. I could pin nearly every post in this blog.

from Homemade Recipes

Homemade Inn at the Crossroads Recipes

Game of Thrones Inn at the Crossroads | White Walker Recipe by Homemade Recipes at


the blue guitars at the crossroads is a famous spot for musicians, bringing music to the world


Medieval Dornish Cream Cakes, inspired by the HBO show "Game of Thrones." "Because they are bite-sized and not overly sweet, these tarts are dangerously addictive. They are made up of a sweet crust and what is essentially a custard filling. I’m not usually a fan of adding rosewater to food, but in this, the addition is so subtle that it helps round out the flavors, rather than clashing with them. An assortment of toppings finish off an awesome dessert, and make for a flashy presentation."