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The Closest Chase Bank

Ok, this is kind of a perfect J! Except J is slightly younger... Google Image Result for

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Randolph's Leap by Forres, Scotland The area surrounds the River Findhorn and is actually named after the point at the river where the sheer rock banks are closest, where according to legend an ancient chief known as Randolph was chasing a Comyn, who jumped to the other side and escaped back to his castle. The Comyn castle fell and the lands were turned over to Randolph and the name gradually changed from Comyn's Leap to Randolph's Leap

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I have no problem going to a bank to make deposits, to get out cash, or to simply check on my account. However, around my house there are no Chase Banks. The closest banks have horrible parking. Then I found the Chase iPhone app. Being able to check on my account and deposit checks visually has saved me time and money from arbitrary parking tickets. Thank you technology.

"The problem is that European Elections are a very poor guide to general elections. As the analysis in British Future’s new report, ‘The Rise and Rise of the Outsider Election’ shows, European elections have become less and less like the general elections that follow them since the switch to a PR European election in 1999."

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Sam. He never gives a last name but he comes from a similar background as Joe.

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