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The Big red eye of the #HelixNebula in Infrared Part 2 | the nebula's central star itself is immersed in a surprisingly bright infrared glow. Models suggest the glow is produced by a dust debris disk. Even though the #nebular material was ejected from the star many thousands of years ago, the close-in dust could have been generated by collisions in a reservoir of objects analogous to our own #solarsystem's #KuiperBelt or #CometaryOortCloud.



Help your high school students sharpen the close reading skills they need with this FREE handout. #highschoolEnglish


Here are a few questions middle and high school students ask themselves during the close reading process.


"Skygazers around planet Earth enjoyed the close encounter of planets and Moon in July 15's predawn skies. [...] Clouds threaten in this telescopic view from Montecassiano, Italy, but the frame still captures Jupiter after it emerged from the occultation along with all four of its large Galilean moons."


Flat Earth Ocean Tide Theory: Water Is diamagnetic, meaning it repels a magnetic field. The close sun is a positive electromagnetic energy repelling the water in the ocean, creating low tides and and the moon is a negative electromagnetic energy causing high tides. - Wrong - Water is only very weakly repelled by a magnetic field not attracted. If any of this were true we would experience huge tidal changes during Sunspot activity (magnetic storms)…


Snips, Snaps, and Scraps: September SOTM Blog Hop (Blessed Beyond Measure)


I use this with my first graders. Some were straining their necks to read the anchor chart with the close reading marks. This will enable them to have the resource close by. They include the marks I use in my classroom. Check out my Close Read packs:American Symbols and MonumentsRainforest AnimalsCheck out my blog for more info:Fantastic First Grade Froggies


"RARE and INCREDIBLE!! The finest, glassiest crystals of Linarite you will ever see! The close-up clearly displays the intense color of these thin Linarite crystals! All the crystals are nestled snug in a vug of Quartz crystals and breccia matrix. From the Grand Reef Mine in Graham County, Arizona, this specimen is a collector's dream and an Arizona mineral collector's must have! Measures 8 cm by 7 cm in size."


Eek Birthday Card: The Close To My Heart Monstrous Halloween Thin Cuts Bundle (Z4006) & the new Jeepers Creepers (X7211B) paper pack.