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The Cherry Orchard - set design and costumes by Scenografia Kostiumy Katarzyna Adamczyk

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IThe Cherry Orchard, installation by the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, 1973-74. The three elements become almost an expressive recurrence of the maturity of Damiani. «Seven years later [1980, note of the editor] the suspended veil will return to dominate at the Teatro Argentina in Heartbreak House, with the direction by Luigi Squarzina, where also the steep floor of the stage was destined to a symbolic instability as the deck of the ship.» Luciano Damiani, ibidem.

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The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov: book cover: designed by Ben Wiseman, Rodrigo Corral Design

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ARTISTIC COMMENTARY on ANTON CHEKOV'S play: "The Cherry Orchard" Inthe play, Madame Ranevskaya ardently clings to her estate, especially her beloved cherry orchard though many try to wrest it from her. Her "roots" are firmly planted here, and she does not wish to leave.

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