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A good way to compare and contrast animals and plants is to use a hula hoop venn diagram. This can be put on the bulletin board and can be hung up for an extended period of time and is easy to see.


Will hang up work once school starts. But for the opening of school, I changed the words to, "Our class is...INCREDIBLE" and had my students' names posted on the bulletin board.


This would be cool to do for the school-wide reading challenge. Find small, lightweight objects that are the same size to do this on the bulletin board to make it look more interesting, or the paper with the student's name and book? Or popsicle sticks? Different color per grade? They're light enough....


Christmas Crafts in the Classroom: Easy Bulletin Board - First Grade Blue Skies


Fall Themed Bulletin Board... Directions: 1. Brown butcher paper, I crumbled it to make the tree bark effect; staple on the bulletin board in the shape of a tree. 2. Cut multiple colors of leaves in fall colors; use a Ellison Dye-cut machine to finish in a timely manner. 3. Layer the leaves to create a 3-D effect. For the last few layers of leaves use masking tape or a hot glue gun to cover the staples. (Makes you FALL in love with it; doesn't it?)