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Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano is a former underboss of the Gambino crime family. He is known as the man who helped bring down John Gotti, the family's boss, by agreeing to become a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) government witness.


Take The Bull By The Horns * You're Daily Brain Vitamin * I don't care if you're not a bull fighter. Or even a rodeo clown. * You've Got This * Just Do It * motivation * inspiration * quotes * quote of the day * DBV


Minoan civilazation. The Bull was a central theme in the Minoan civilization, with bull heads and bull horns used as symbols in the Knossos palace. Minoan frescos and ceramics depict the bull-leaping ritual in which participants bulls. Μινωικός πολιτισμός. Ο Ταύρος ήταν το κεντρικό θέμα στο μινωικό πολιτισμό,και τα κεφάλια ταύρου και τα κέρατα ταύρου χρησιμοποιήθηκαν ως σύμβολα του ανακτόρου της Κνωσού. Οι Μινωικές τοιχογραφίες και τα κεραμικά απεικόνιζαν τα ταυροκαθάψια, ...

Well, something new for me to try with my cat!

Day 7 of Pamplona's bull run

PAMPLONA, SPAIN - JULY 13: Revelers run, with one of them laying facedown under the San Fermin statue, with Don Juan Pedro Domecq's fighting bulls up la cuesta de Santo Domingo on the seventh day of the San Fermin running-of-the-bulls on July 13, 2012 in Pamplona, Spain. Pamplona's famous Fiesta de San Fermin, which involves the running of the bulls through the historic heart of Pamplona for eight days starting July 7th, was made famous by the 1926 novel of U.S. writer Ernest Hemmingway…


Running of the Bulls (Pamplona, Spain) Oh, to run with the bulls...or just rent an apartment a year or two in advance so you won't have to deal with the crowds...or bulls coming at you.