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Doggie Bug out Bag. Pets need the same things we do: food, shelter, water. Make sure Fido's prepared. We may think when the SHTF we'll just cut 'em loose, but who has the heart to do that!

from Gardeners Supply

Beneficial Bugs: Gardener's Supply

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I love spring and summer...but not the bugs so much! This natural insect repellent is wonderful!! It smells so much better than commercial repellents and is synthetic free! Remember, this is exactly what these oils do in nature for the plants they are derived from....ward off predators! dōTERRA offers Terrashield in a spray, but I find I need a little extra protection from those pesky bugs! In a 2 oz glass spray bottle combine; 10 drops Lavender (naturally repels moths, fleas, flies &


Hibiscus or Cotton Harlequin Bugs - Tectocoris diophthalmus The Cotton Harlequin Bug, Tectocoris diophthalmus (Hemiptera - Scutelleridae), is a large, brightly colored member of the Australian jewel bug fauna. The bug features iridescent blue patches on a bright orange background, and adults have an enlarged scutellum covering their entire dorsal surface. Males and females are different colors, with the females mostly orange and the males mostly blue-red.  The Cotton Harlequin Bug feeds on…