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Boondocks - fave adult cartoon - both brothers are voiced by Regina King - neatly representing both halves :D

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It started off as a comic strip. Cartoon Network brought to life the "Boondocks" The cartoon series has taken on many topics that circulate in black culture, media, and news. The picture comes from the episode where the Huey and Riley go to view the case of R.Kelley peeing on a female minor.

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"... But it's not supposed to be this." This episode was so dope; watching Huey be, for what was one of the only (if not the only) moments in the entire series, completely vulnerable. He had to let go of what control he had and his own understanding, to be ready to lose everything, and just have faith.

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The Boondocks Episode Sketch

The Boondocks Episode Sketch

The Boondocks Episode Layout