The Book Lover with Flowers | Print of a Watercolor Painting | Lady Poppins | Heatherlee Chan

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Colorful Bookshelf and this way you can tell your kids what color shelf the book they are hoping for is found on. The library should use this method in the children's area.... or you could use each colour to represent a different level of book, so even in independent reading children know what colour they read at so they don't read picture books during SSR

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Reading room The Book Room by Lenor Johnson Adding little nick nacks in your reading room to put all of your imagination into everything.

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This is EXACTLY what my playroom will look like when the kids are grown!! {With the exception that the window will be the entrance into the family room} I LOVE THIS!!!

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Sapien Bookcase Designed by Bruno Rainaldi When he designed his Sapien Bookcase (2003), he created a unique solution for those with a lot of books and little space to store them. By holding texts horizontally in a vertical stack, the tall Sapien can accommodate up to 70 small and large books in a very compact footprint. When fully loaded, the bookcase virtu¬ally disappears behind the books. All-metal construction and a heavy, weighted base ensure the design’s strength and stability.

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The Book Room, Wimpole Hall designed by Sir John Soane about 1806 to accommodate the overflow of books from the Library built for Lord Harley 80 years before.

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Reading corner in little girls room! We used plastic rain gutters from Lowes. Totally cheap and the the books are easy to reach and choose this way. You need to buy the long gutters and cut them to size. You'll also need end caps, and corner pieces.

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