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Hello Goodbye - The Beatles... Yes... I'm a girl... I'm twelve... And I listen to the Beatles, Bon Jovi, Journey, Green Day, and of course all the girly stuff like Taylor Swift, or Train. You know... Girly stuff...


Some weeks ago I published the first promo video for Hello Goodbye. This is the second version, the one in which the Beatles are wearing their own (mod) clothing (Ringo w/his typical striped kit, with "Beatles" on bass drum front; countryside backdrop)

The Beatles made three promo films for "Hello Goodbye": 1) Wearing the Sgt. Pepper outfits 2) Wearing their own (mod) clothing 3) The Beatles goofing around

Promotional films for 'Hello Goodbye' were shot at London's Saville Theatre on 10 November 1967; the single went on to top the charts in both the UK and US.