The Addams Family (movie version, though the TV series came first). Other films that would make good Hallowe'en costumes because they're famous, though not really "fashion": The Munsters (similarly, a TV show first), scI-fi (Barbarella, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Rocky Horror Picture Show), fantasy (Mary Poppins, any Disney animation), Rocky, Shaft, Tom Cruise in "Risky Business", Men in Black.

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Rare Color Photos of the Addams Family TV Sets The Addams Family set, photographed by Richard Fish One of the most popular displays in the exhibit is of the Addams Family set. It has images of the different sets and characters from the black-and-white TV show. This assignment for TV Guide magazine allowed the public to see the show in color for the first time.

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The main characters of The Addams Family. Angelina Avallone brings ghosts to life for The Addams Family No one can deny that The Addams Family musical starring Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth looks fantastic, from the impressively elaborat...

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The Addams Family Values is my favourite 90's movie by far. | The "Addams Family Values" Cast Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Secrets 20 Years Later

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