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Revlon's Charlie perfume from the 70's - my favorite - and you couldn't get in Denmark at that time.

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Powerful Ad Shows What A Little Girl Hears When You Tell Her She's Pretty

Girls are socialized very early on to focus on being pretty instead of smart. Its so important to nurture a girls intellect as well as her ego.

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57 brilliant, clever and creative print advertising. Only the best

I think this is a creative way to catch the attention of an audience. This is a funny yet truthful message which supports the ad. Because of this catchy image, there's no need for much of a description or caption.

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A moment in time to just enjoy life... i would so do this. We are all a happy human race!! Historic flashmob in Antwerp train station, do re mi

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I chose the chewing gum because "scout" jean louise loved it. Also scout and Jem found some in the tree.

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#02 - 1/5 "Home sushi" by Dina Bayko. The playfullness of the type compliment the image very well. The layout is well thought out resulting in the eye moving smoothly through the ad.

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Heart Waffle Iron

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Lifestyle: This Lacoste add is very busy but it works. It gives out the image that the brand likes to express. It likes its customers to feel like they can partake in any activity. Showing these activities in the ad shows ideas that can take place. Having the ad being bright grabs the attention of the audience.

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The 4 Best Lego Ad Campaigns Ever

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This room is so straight-forward. The black monotone is a great contrast to the beautiful panelling. Tom Ford's Study with Ad Reinhardt Painting, London, February 2004.

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