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The 1950s

Classes in Home Economics were an essential part of the school day curriculum in the 1950s—for teenage girls only, of course. This was to prepare them for their inevitable life after high school, as a mother and a wife. Cooking, cleaning, mending, and life management skills were crucial functions that every teenage girl was required to know if she wanted to find a husband in the 1950s. When the hallway smelled like someone had burned their tennis shoes, no one in the high school panicked. It…

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Greasers were a predominately white ethnic youth subculture that originated in the 1950s among young northeastern and southern United States street gangs. The style and subculture then became popular among other types of people, as an expression of rebellion.

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A bullet bra is a type of women’s undergarment first worn and popularized in the 1940s and remained popular until the 1960s and 1970s.

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What Sundays Were Like In the 1950's

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Teddy Boys were the Dandies of the 1950s- The British subculture, inspired by the Edwardian Era -

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