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UPDATE: Rob Holmes and his family are telling us that Charles is doing better. The pig is eating and drinking again for the first time since he survived the fire. Charles will continue to stay at the UT Veterinary School, but the Holmes family says he is progressing toward a stable condition.

Once more, for old times, here it is: You have called women Fat. Slob. Pig. Disgusting animal. You said that nobody would vote for Carly Fiorina because of her face. Are you serious, Donald? Are you serious? Do you really think American voters are that superficial? And Donald, have you looked in the mirror? You have a mouth too small for your face, lips that look like they were dropped in by CGI effect. You have raccoon eyes because nobody in your circle, even your wife, will tell…

Slavdom - Do you ever wonder what makes people Slavic? Or what is that trait that will definitely make your family stand out as different to maybe some others like let's say German, Indian, Mexican or Chinese family? We have a lots of those little things that all Slavs see present in their famil...

Meet Volunteer Mercedes: "I am from Wisconsin where I was working on a small farm helping produce vegetables and manage food processing in the certified kitchen on site there. I decided to volunteer because I had plans to come to Mexico to improve my Spanish speaking skills and I love working with food so much that I wanted to combine my desire for bettering my Spanish with a hands-on volunteer experience on a farm. As such I am working on the food production team and I will be working in…

That's one title that I will never have!! It's the lowest thing a"woman" can do to someone else's kids!! If you are in fact pregnant ( gross as it may be) you better hope some other woman doesn't wreck your so called home!!!

A miniature piggy named Benjamin. I know its wrong; I do sincerely promote adoption at every turn. Yet, that nose, those feeties, that little belly. For the love of God, that tush and tail. I'll have to find out if adoption is an option. :-)


She will spend her entire life laying on one side. Unable to stand, run, play, learn, make a home, have a life that she deserved. As soon as she gives birth they will inseminate her again. The life of a female in factory farming. I do it for her.