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"My brother is a single father of 2.His daughter just had her first sleep over with her friends.One of them started their period and my brother freaked out and rushed them all to the hospital. "

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"People ask why I drive much. It's bc the radio helps me keep my sanity. My rock gets the anger out, my country gets the hurt out, and my pop brings back the happy. My radio is my therapist."

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Skeet shooters were hired in WW1 to shoot off grenades - WTF fun fact

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"There is a biker gang called "Rescue Ink" that breaks up dog fighting rings, confronts animal abusers, and confiscates neglected animals!"

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"I tell my two year old to say "I am awesome" every night before bed and explain to her that she needs to know she is awesome no matter what anyone says. I love her. "

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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 37 Pics

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Smart or not?

Can't do this at my school because we are too competitive to. This is not a flawless plan or a good idea as some kids wouldn't contribute knowing they could see other kids notes.

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"Last night I ordered a pizza around 11 pm so I told the guy on the phone that my roommates are sleeping and if he could text me when he got to my house. That's how I got the hot pizza delivery guys #"

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