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This handy infographic shows you what foods you should never feed Fido

Here is a quality infographic that will teach you all about the different types of food that can be really harmful for your dog. Read about why you should never feed your dog things like chocolate, onions and caffeine. Via -


Gia the Greyhound Is Crowned Best in Show at the 2016 National Dog Show

One long-legged hound took home the hardware at the National Dog Show today. Gia the Greyhound & handler, owner, & breeder, Rindi Gaudet took home the esteemed award after winning the preliminary Greyhound round, the hound group, & then the final strut around the ring for Best in Show, where Gia trotted among the likes of the tiny Pekingese, the energetic West Highland Terrier, & many others.


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This Life Hack Will Boost Your Pup's Health And Save You Money


Joy the Great Dane: Meet all the breeds at the National Dog Show, Thanksgiving Day 12-2 pm on NBC


Gia, Best In Show


Cardamom Cupcakes with Brown Butter Buttercream

Hope you all had an epic Thanksgiving holiday! I'm hoping you dog showed it up, ate lots of turkey, Black Friday'd or Small Shopped Saturday'd (if you're in that), binged Gilmore Girls, and generally relaxed. And speaking of Gilmore, can we talk about it? I know, I know, spoilers, so if you want to talk about it, email, text, FB/IG/anything message me. I'm sitting here like, wait I kinda, sorta, really hated Winter, Spring, and Summer, and then WTF Fall and it's over. And now, I just…


Westminster Dog Show vizsla winner best in show | did you watch the westminster dog show last night i try to catch it ...