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Thank you Lord for all of my blessings and for my daughters most perfect wedding day. May You bless them always and their marriage all the days of their lives. Amen

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Thank you Lord! Amen!

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Thank you for ALWAYS having my back and revealing to me the things I should walk from & towards. Direct my path. I walk by faith & you have NEVER led me astray. Anytime I have experienced troubles is because I interfered with your plans for me. I now understand to be still and listen and you will light my path that will be filled with grace and mercy on my journey. Thank you!

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What a wonderful New Year's present from somebody.

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This year I pray we would all use our God-given abilities to bring the light, the peace, and healing hope of Jesus to others. I pray 2017 we demonstrate kindness, compassion and love without boundary, while letting the Lord refine us. I pray 2017 we tap our energies into growing in the Lord with an open heart. May you be filled with many blessings on the journey and embrace everything with a grateful heart and live it for Jesus

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Definitely through the bad, I know you walk with me

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Yes Thank You Jesus SO Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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