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Biarritz Cover Up Dress

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To have Respect for big Animals is good. And the Water buffalo is at peace as wellIn Thailand Animals on the farm are happy to let children play.The photos shows the boy is at peace as well.Welcome  to Thailand  and see Country life.   One word i say is Respect to themboth.

Flying a Kite Can be fun. Sometimes you might even be in the right place at the right time to take a great photo.I have not tried flying a Kite for over 40 years so it must me time again to tryWelcome to Thailand friend and learn new tricks

Great Idea in Thailand on the beach where we get beautiful Sunset  at nightLooks like it could be dangerous without Cement to hold the bouldersOne thing for sure i like the Idea a lot.Thailand is the place to come and see Sun set for sure.

The Twin Royal Pagodas of Phra Mahathat Naphamethanidon, Thailand                                                 Doi Inthanon National Park ...

When you are under a water attack you move fast forgetting you are 3 meters from the ground.The photo looks great but not so sure about the landing.Always look before you jump.The photo will always be a classic       Welcome friends to Visit Thailand.

Chiang Khan old house and shops  its in a district in the northern part of Loei Province, northeastern Thailand.

When you Follow Buddhism you can do it in many ways.young people follow it Traditionally and learn new ways.You can see many new Ideas hitting the streets in Thailand.Welcome to Visit Thailand and  see for your self.

Thailand Children have no fear what so ever and just go for it.We would be looking for reasons not to do ,not the case in Thailand. They show no fear at allWelcome to Thailand friends and see lots more of Thai Culture.