Thad Cochran decided his campaign strategy would be to insult Chris McDaniel and his supporters, calling us "dangerous" and "extremist." So if conservatives are "extremist" and "dangerous" then who does Thad Cochran relate to? Democrats.

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NRSC Wants Your Money to Support “Proud Conservative Candidates” Like Thad Cochran

Doddering Old Man Thad Cochran Uses Angry Words Against Chris McDaniel | RedState

6/26 - GOP Bigwigs Used Democrats to Protect Mississippi Incumbent ~~ Karl Rove spent millions backing Cochran, and very content with the results. Rove celebrated the underhanded “victory” in a column, but warned establishment politicians to at least listen to their constituents in the future from time to time if they hope to remain in power.

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Are they breaking the law to save Thad Cochran in Mississippi?!

A Short Profile on Thad Cochran: Thad Cochran: Unfaithful Husband. Untrustworthy Politician. | RedState thad-cochran-with-kay-webber-afp

Picture of campaign flier claiming Chris McDaniels was hostile to African Americans, but Thad Cochran was not. MS-Sen

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