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10 No-Effort Plants for a Fool-Proof Landscape |TEXAS RANGER The vibrant lavender, purple, and magenta blooms of a Texas Ranger may look like they take some work to care for—but we won't tell the neighbors your secret. These hardy plants are built to survive on little water, so all you need to do is plant it in full sunlight and water during the summers or in times of drought.

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Plumbago – so pretty cheerful – thrives in the hot Texas summer. Disease- pest- and deer-resistant. Can grow into a large bush, and also can be trained to grow on a trellis.

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Good in front of russian sage. color all summer. Salvia greggii Cold Hardy Pink | Cold Hardy Pink Texas Sage | Low Water Plants, Eco Friendly Landscapes | High Country Gardens

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The types of plants found in Texas vary widely from one region to the next. This is due to the amount and frequency of rainfall, diversity of soils, and the number of frost-free days. From the forests of East Texas to the deserts of West Texas, from the grassy plains of North Texas to the semi-arid brushlands of South Texas, plant species change continuously.

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Small but mighty, this Texas native thrives in high heat and poor soil. It is the perfect plant for hot and dry areas . Its daisy-shape blooms unfurl almost year-round. It has a mounding habit and offers evergreen, needle-like leaves. While it is a shrub, many gardeners treat it like a perennial. Go ahead and plant it near walls, driveways, and other areas where reflective heat is intense. Damianita will bloom through it all. Like many Southwest natives, it demands well-drained soil.

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