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Intelligent people tend to have less friends than the average person. The smarter you are the more selective you become. - Nikola Tesla


Mark Twain in Nikola Tesla's apartment, New York 1894 The high-voltage current is being passed through the human body to bring the lamp to incandescence. Tesla's friend, Mark Twain, is holding the loop above the resonating coil. Tesla is in the background. Originally published as part of an article by T.C. Martin called "Tesla's Oscillator and Other Inventions" that appeared in the Century Magazine (April 1895)


The Wardenclyffe tower was meant to be an international power source, created by none other then Tesla. But J.P. Morgan, his investor at that time, discouraged any further progression and withdrew, leaving Tesla penniless and without will to continue his massive project.


The "majestic luminous column" that illuminated the Electrical Building at the Chicago World's Fair, 1893. The structure included thousands of incandescent light bulbs. Westinghouse Corp. lit the Fair, using Nikola Tesla's invention of alternating current.