In the future, action is taken in direct response to MovieLand rumors of a possible all-star, original cast reunion for an unstoppable next installment in th...

Terminator 5 Trailer [HD]---Warning: This is a fake trailer.made by someone else.

Terminator Genesis Begins Filming. Is The Rock Joining Them?

Annapurna Pictures new Terminator movie 'Terminator Genesis' is finally getting ready to begin filming and this is good news for fans of the billion dollar

Dwayne Johnson Cast As Terminator In Terminator 5

Evening Eye Candy: "Pain And Gain" Actor And Super Fine Wrestling Star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

'Terminator 5 Genesis' Cast, Plot & Trailer: Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals New Title

After the long wait, eager Terminator fans have been informed what the fifth installment's title will be. According to franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger, the title for the fifth Terminator film is "Terminator Genisys.

'terminator 5' Once Again All The Original Cast? Agarrens!

From The Terminator Anthology archive

'terminator 5' Once Again All The Original Cast? Agarrens!

'terminator Once Again All The Original Cast?

Terminator 5: Matt Smith farà parte del cast

Doctor Who's Matt Smith: 'I'd Love A Role In Star Trek Or Star Wars': Short article (I would love to see him have a role in either franchise) but I mainly pinned it for the picture. Great pic of Matt, gotta love that infectious smile :-)

Lee Byung Hun cast in his next Hollywood film 'Terminator 5' |

Lee Byung Hun will 'be back' in his next Hollywood film 'Terminator Entertainment rep confirmed his casting to Sports Seoul on the