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Fibromyalgia Pain and the Weather

Microsoft makes global learning possible for an elementary school through Skype in the Classroom! Find a classroom ready to connect with your students through live Skype lessons, Virtual Field Trips, and Mystery Skype.


The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats art activity: Make tracks in puffy paint (equal parts shaving cream and glue) and add small red figure cutout


10 Products to Get Skin Ready for Winter.

The colder weather is here. I have my heat turned on most days, and my skin is feeling its effects. There are many products geared to hydrating and exfoliating the skin which is perfect to use in the cold weather and winter months. Here are ten great products to get skin ready for winter. Use them throughout the season to keep skin in perfect condition.


This ten day packing list that I came up with basically gives you 20 outfits with the ability to make more if needed and it is all completed with 20 pieces in the carry-on plus what you wear on the plane.


Ireland!! If I never make it to see any place in the world or was given one place I could only travel to, it would be Ireland, it's my heritage I would love to see where my family came from, explore everything in Ireland meet any family of mine that still lives in Ireland. I love everything Irish, I love my Heritage:)