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Canada is a big country with the longest coastline. It is also one of the countries with the highest literacy rate. Find out more interesting facts about Canada in our infographics. #infographics


Kohler Fast-Response steam generator control kit: Bring the soothing comfort of a private steam shower to your bathroom. Customize your showering experience and enjoy the purifying benefits of steam at home—ready in 60 seconds. Includes digital control panel with adjustable temperature and session settings, plus thermostatic steam head with an integral reservoir for adding your favorite scents.

Official Canadian Temperature Chart. I lost it at the maple leaves XD

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{Good Karma Kitty} February Donation to Windfall Basics

our February Good Karma "Kitty" was donated to Windfall Basics, a charity that provides clothing to those in need. We specifically supported the children's winter jacket program. Temperatures in Toronto are still well below zero. #socialgood #donation #charity #charitable #encircled

Will I Freeze? Will I Melt? What's the Weather Like in Toronto?

Toronto Weather (Average Temperature)

Another Canada milestone…

Another Canadian milestone… and that's not including the wind chill;)


Temperature in Toronto #flatlay #flatlays #flatlayapp


I have a strong preference for lush hot weather. My body craves the sort of heat that really only seems to visit Toronto in mid-July each year. In this warmth I feel in full bloom like a tropical flower. So every July I find myself in an almost spell-like state under the illusion that the thick heat that my body has craved all year will somehow last forever. As the first cool breeze blows through the air at the end of August I am jolted by the thought that summer is suddenly over. This…