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Temperature In Rome Italy

Naples and Amalfi Coast Weather and Historical Climate Charts for Travel Planning

Key Italian cities and a link to temperatures and other information for each. Cinque Terre - September in the Fall would be my pick for the best time to go, followed by April or May.; Rome - Romans leave the Eternal City in July and August when it's hot and humid - the best time to travel to Rome is from mid-September to October.; Amalfi Coast - The best time to visit is April-June and September-October, when temperatures are the most pleasant.


This project focused on the use of IoT technologies to monitor the status of a relevant archaeological site: the Mitreo in the basement of the Circus Maximus in Rome. We worked together with Politecnico di Milano, one of the most important universities in Italy, in order to use data gathered from specific sensors installed inside the Mitreo to remotely monitor CO2, vibrations, temperature, and humidity.

This is truly the best hot chocolate on the planet...cioccolata calda from Rivoire in Florence, Italy.


What to Wear in Italy: Dress Like a Local

What to Wear in Italy in Summer Weather: Summer in Italy is insanely hot; temperatures can reach 35°C or higher. In some cities in the north, such as Milan and Venice, it can be extremely stuffy due to the humidity. The south is hot but it’s better ventilated, so it’s more enjoyable. Be careful to protect yourself during the hottest hours of the day by wearing suncream and a sun hat.


Average monthly rainy days over the year in Rome: all weather @,Rome,Italy

If you get to Southern Italy, consider taking a boat to Ischia, near Capri, and you'll find one of the best undiscovered rest & relaxation spots on Earth -- NEGOMBO! There are over 20 natural thermal spas at various temperatures, & these are some seriously healing waters! The beach is a cove, so even during the busy season, feels secluded & special. The Roman Baths in this photo are my FAVORITE!


Backpack Europe in Winter - Packing List and Travel Outfits!

Backpack Europe in Winter - Winters can be bitterly cold and harsh in some European cities, with a significant drop in temperature and a decrease in daylight hours. It is essential to remain warm and comfortable and be prepared for unpredictable weather.


Fettuccine all'Alfredo-The original owner of Alfredo's Restaurant in Rome, Alfredo Di Lelio, is said to be the originator of this delicious dish of worldwide fame. The quality and taste of the ingredients is the key to success, especially the fettuccine and the cheese. The fettuccine should be freshly made or the best fresh (not dry), thinnest pasta you can buy. Fettuccine Alfredo is finished in the pan, the cooked and drained pasta is added directly to the warmed ingredients in the pan.