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Temperature In New Zealand

Tuatara. NZ. This is NOT a lizard. It is closely related to the dinosaurs. It is OLDER than the dinosaurs. The young have a third eye on top their head to watch for birds of prey. It is very slow moving and can remain motionless for days. It is unique to New Zealand but 150 million years ago in the age of the dinosaurs their distribution was worldwide. Their sex is determined purely by the temperature when they are born.

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The close up of Abraham Darby on the left shows the rich colours seen in this rose in New Zealand, while the photo on the right is taken in Reno with its more extreme temperatures.

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Hot Water Beach, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand | Volcanoes near this beach on the eastern edge of New Zealand's North Island develop large underground reservoirs of extremely hot water. Over time, this water escapes to the surface, cooling along the way, though still emerging at temperatures as hot as 64 C. The hot springs are accessible only at low tide, so grab a shovel and dig your own spa | Flickr

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'Cool off in Tasmania: average temperature hottest month 62.3 ̊' by Harry Kelly, 1930.

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Volcanic Eruption, Mt Ruapehu in Tongariro National Park and The Grand Chateau, New Zealand

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