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Temp Cover Car Insurance

Simplest and the easiest way to buy motor insurance is online mode. Most of the companies in India offers a vehicle cover which covers for certain number of risks.Buying a motor insurance policy is compulsory in India. provides you the facility to compare and buy motor insurance policies online offered by different insurance companies.


What Does My Auto Insurance Policy Cover When I Rent a Car


So, you and a friend are taking a long journey and want to split the driving, or perhaps you want to borrow someone’s car to move home or take a trip, maybe you’re even going away for a few days and need a car while you’re there.


Driving is something that makes life easier in a huge number of ways. If you commute to work then having a car with you can give you back hours of your life on a daily basis. Likewise, being able to drive will mean you can visit more friends and relatives around the country and will come in incredib…


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