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▶ E. L. O. - telephone line (live) - YouTube ..... 70's, Sitting in my bedroom listening to AM Radio.

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"SurgeX's Remote Portal can be easily integrated with existing systems or implemented as part of a new installation. Both the MultiPak and Defender Series Surge + Diagnostic models provide professional-grade, Multi-Stage surge protection, EMI/RFI noise filtration, over/under voltage shutdown, first-of-its-kind Cat6 network protection, telephone line and wiring fault protection." - Residential Systems

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CD 190-191, DIAMOND, Royal Purple A style of insulator known as a two-piece transposition. This insulator was made by the Diamond Flint Glass Company Ltd of Montreal, Quebec (1903-1913). They were used on open wire telephone lines in the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada. Transposition style insulators were made with two or more wire grooves to allow the telephone lines to cross over each other once every several poles. This twisting of the wires would cancel out the interference or prevent…

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