Authentic 1-Day Ethiopian Injera:100% Teff Flatbread. (Injera is traditionally made with Teff flour which is a gluten free, highly nutritious grain. It's a flat, spongy, pancake type sourdough)

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What the heck is teff? I'm glad you asked. By now, you've probably heard all about quinoa. Y'know, the "grain" that's actually a seed? It's touted as a superfood of sorts due to the fact that it's a plant protein containing all of the essential amino acids and it's gluten-free. Let us tell you all

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This is actually the recipe off of the side of the bobs red mill teff flour bag. I made it this week and i have a new favorite grain- teff! I added chocolate chips because really... what better than chocolate and peanut butter

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You would never guess that this Chocolate Pudding was healthy, gluten free or vegan - and it has a secret ingredient; Teff! Find out more about this ancient grain and get the recipe for this healthy, gluten free, vegan, egg free, dairy free and refined sugar free chocolate pudding!

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Injera - Ethiopian Flatbread with 100% Teff Source:

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Whole grain teff makes a delicious bowl of porridge! It's gluten-free, high in protein (a 1/4 cup has 7 grams) and packed with fiber, vitamin C, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

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chai teff porridge with coconut milk | naturally vegan and gluten free recipe via

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Teff Date Bread - Vegan & Gluten-free. This loaf is moist, loaded with flavour and super aromatic - delish!

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Teff Waffles w/ Blueberry Orange Glaze (gluten free vegan) Delicious waffles packed with wholesome teff flour and blueberry-orange glaze

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