This is actually the recipe off of the side of the bobs red mill teff flour bag. I made it this week and i have a new favorite grain- teff! I added chocolate chips because really... what better than chocolate and peanut butter

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Gluten Free 101 : Teff Flour~~This blogger has a lot of recipes that sound really good including plum moscato. There's also info on rice flour and pop"corn" that's not corn!!

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Teff Waffles w/ Blueberry Orange Glaze (gluten free vegan) Delicious waffles packed with wholesome teff flour and blueberry-orange glaze

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Dark Teff Sandwich Bread (uses ground flax seeds, teff flour, arrowroot powder, tapioca flour)

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Holiday inspired waffles that taste like gingerbread cookies! But, you won't need to feel guilty about eating gingerbread for breakfast – they're loaded with gluten-free teff flour, holiday spices, and then topped with a vegan maple cinnamon drizzle. They also make perfect waffle sticks for dipping. A fun winter breakfast or brunch. Vegan & Gluten Free.

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Injera is traditionally made with Teff flour which is a gluten free, highly nutritious grain. Yum! It's a flat, spongy, pancake type sourdough. You have to make a starter for it.

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