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Homemade Teething Oil (That Really Works!)

According to the FDA, store bought teething gels can be fatal if given to children under two. Here's a cheap, easy, completely natural alternative that has proven just as effective in controlled studies.


BabyGanics Teething Gel Pods - 10 Count

Teething is miserable for your baby and you. They feel pain. You feel helpless. Amazing how a dab of teething gel can instantly relieve everyone's suffering and make you feel like a hero. And no worries about what's being swallowed. BabyGanics portable pods are convenient and sanitary so you'll always be ready with the perfect teething victory tool.<br><br>No: benzocaine, parabens, sulfates, artificial flavors or dyes<br><br>BabyGanics Teethng Gel Pods Features:<br><ul><li>Plant-based…


Beware the Lurking Monster: 9 Sure Fire Signs of Teething I'm really enjoying this whole website -- super helpful, realistic, and reasonable.