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I always loved how Starfire and Cyborg had a big brother-little sister relationship. How they could always be brutally honest and rawly emotional with each other, in a way they couldn't be with the others. It was one of my favorite parts of the show.

Bring back the original teen titans. I thought the original was WAY better than the stupid Teen Titans Go


In Teen Titans, we don't say "I love you," we say "It's awesome the way you shoot starbolts," and I think that's beautiful.


different sides of raven. they need to do an episode on this, even her robe should change colors


I frickin’ LOVE this picture ^_^ Credit to the fabulous artist who did it. Titans dressed up as their counterparts from Teen Titans Go episodes:Cyborg: As Grandma, Grandma Cyborg (ep. “Grandma Voice”)Robin: As a bird, Bird Robin (ep. “Super Robin”)Starfire: As Starfire the Terrible (ep. “Starfire the Terrible”)Raven: As Lady Legasus (ep. “Legs”)Beast Boy: As Scar Man (ep. “Man Person”)Don’t I know my TTG or what? XD Follow @melaninprincess