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City Set To Pay Family Of Unarmed Teen Shot By Police $3M - South Shore - DNAinfo Chicago

when the police drive up one car away, the exact time you appear + spot a hit and run was announced to you the very night bf (this time minor, why call?)..dont you just love the up the ANTE intimidation tactics? If you run, give a sneer, etc you are either shot first then questioned, or handcuffed min. if they decide not to shoot first.


[BULLIED] Knife-Wielding Teen Shot By Police at ​Reno High School

Police Make Heartbreaking Discovery Next to White Man Shot to Death by Black "Teens"

adventure time, marshall lee, marceline (btw, i've already pinned this onto my board, but i just wanted these two next to the pin of the candy prince and princess. <3)


Father of Nevada Teen Shot by School Officer During Alleged Knife Attack Says Bullying Provoked Attack

Father of Nevada Teen Shot by School Officer During Alleged Knife Attack Says...: The father of the high school freshman who was shot by a school police officer after allegedly pulling two large knives on students at his Nevada high school is speaking out, claiming his son was viciously...

Outrage And Sorrow After Teen Shot Dead By Police

Well your son was an arrogant rebellious punk! I'm sorry he lost his life but sometimes thats the price you pay when you rebel against authority! Also he was attacking the officer trying to get the weapon away from him, let's see what anyone of you all would do when you thought your life was in danger! #Isupportthefergusonpolice


The shooting death of an unarmed African American 19-year-old by a Caucasian police officer has led to local protesters to take the streets Saturday. But the mainstream media is largely ignoring this story outside of Madison, Wisconsin.


Police Brutality Against Black Men and the Black Community: Unarmed Teen Shot Multiple Times by Cop


Unarmed White Teen Gunned Down by Black Cop… Where’s the Outrage? This was a black cop shooting an unarmed white teenager. Why aren’t predominantly white neighborhoods being set on fire right now? Why aren’t whites looting, rioting and flipping over cars?