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How to Win a Pageant, 10 Tips from a Judge

I was so honored to judge the Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen pageant last weekend. M.U.O.T. is a Miss America Organization pageant, which means that contestants are judged on Lifestyle and Fitness, Interview, Talent, Evening Wear and Onstage Question, and Academics. It is a scholarship pageant, and each girl is encouraged to choose or create a … Continue reading "How to Win a Pageant, 10 Tips from a Judge."

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Top 5 Tips for First Time Pageant Girls

Many blogs or YouTube channels cater to the experienced pageant girls, however few recognize that many girls are just starting out and need a little extra help. Click to see our top five tips to help you if you are just getting started in your pageant career and be sure to download our FREE Pageant Prep Timeline + 233 Practice Interview Questions to help you succeed at your next pageant!

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26 Sample Teen Pageant Questions

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26 Sample Teen Pageant Questions

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Check out The Pageant Planet Podcast! Here you will discover everything you need to win the crown of your dreams. Each episode we interview experts in all categories (PreTeen, Teen, General) and give you the insights to help you win. This episode discusses what you need to know to win your pageant interview.

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10 Toughest Pageant Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

We’ve seen the blunders live on stage when a contestant pulls a question but they have no idea how to answer it. A million thoughts are running through their minds and usually they have nothing to do with the question. The same thing can happen in interview, where the judges only have 10 minutes or less to get to know who you are and what you stand for. There are, of course, ways to answer with your opinion, but the trick is not offending anyone in the process. You’re a queen, after all…

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How to Answer "Why Should You Win This Pageant?"

This is one of the most common questions that pageant interview judges like to ask, so you should always be ready for it regardless of what pageant system you are competing in. There are three primary approaches for answering it, so think about which one makes the most sense for you.

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Miss North Jefferson Area's Outstanding Teen 2016 Evening Gown

Lydia Martin recently wore this gorgeous red Sherri Hill ball gown when she represented Miss North Jefferson Area at the Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen 2016 Pageant! Want to see a Miss America’s Outstanding Teen evening gown? The Color - This bright red color is such a great choice for Lydia as it accents her bronzed skin tone and darker facial features impeccably! This red’s brighter tone is also perfect for a teen contestant as it is fun and flirty while still being a very regal and…

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Top 5 Critiques Judges Give Contestants After Pageant Interview

Top 5 Critiques Judges Give Contestants After Pageant Interview. Getting feedback from judges about your performance is one of the best ways to prepare for your next pageant. Especially since interview is often not recorded for your future viewing, direct judge feedback is a valuable resource for improvement. Read some of the most common comments judges have regarding girls in interview...

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What to Do With Your Arms When Competing in Pageants

What to Do With Your Arms When Competing in Pageants. Read more free coaching tips like this on

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