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Aside from my kiddos regular (not paid) chores, this is how they earn extra spending money. Learn the value of money.

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Instant gratification teen chore chart. Found this white board at BB&B it's perfect for my daughters daily chores and has a cork board built in to pin her daily chore money to it. If the chores are done at the end of the day she takes the money, if not I take it back. It works well!

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Why Using A Prepaid Debit Card For Teens Is Brilliant & Printable Chore Chart For Teens

Dry Erase Chore Chart | {} this one because its based on points (more points=more $) and some of the charts are first come-first serve so it may give the littles motivation to get the chore done sooner rather than later!

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10 Genius Ways to Get Kids to Do Chores

A chore chart separated by age. However, I would say some of these chores (like wiping counters and moping) could be done at a much younger age when using Norwex products, since your child wouldn't be exposed to harsh chemicals while cleaning.

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