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Upcycle an up an old cotton shirt in minutes!This is a great quick easy diy fashion upcycling project is great for any day. To start you will need a shirt, just about any will do as long as its not a button down shirt and a pair of scissors. To achieve optimal results I recommend starting in the front and fold the creases of the shirt then cut into the creases until you reach your desired size, then repeat going down the arm.

from Tomboy Vintage

This tutorial is easy, we promise! All you need for this super cute tank top is a pair of scissors...

from Pretty Designs

DIY Cut Tie knotted crop top Tee-shirt brassière customisé Clones 'n' Clowns found on Polyvore


DIY No Sew Off the Shoulder Ladder or Butterfly Tee Tutorial from Wobisobi here. As usual, another really easy and clever tee shirt restyle from Anne. For more no sew tee restyles like this one go here: or for DIY tees in general go here: