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11/9 is the day. - post regarding Universal Technical Institute Inc. layoffs

from Tay Talks Money

How to Repay Massive Amounts of Debt With a Zero-Sum Budget

Need to repay debt or save more money? Using the zero-sum budget instead of a traditional budget can jumpstart your efforts.


With the EBA Blog Structure Blueprint, you can start organizing your blog right away. This is completely FREE and is a great blogging freebie! #aff

from The College Investor

What Is Obama Student Loan Forgiveness And How Does It Work?

Obama Student Loan Forgiveness is a program created by President Obama technically called Pay As You Earn (PAYE). It can lower student loan payments for borrowers. Pay off Debt, Student Loan Debt #debt


Is your business sinking into technical debt? An article about code refactoring and why development projects are almost always late.

James: Dies protecting Harry from Voldemort. Sirius: Dies after protecting Harry from the death eaters in the Ministry. Peter: Dies letting Harry and the others escape from the cellar while considering the life debt. Remus: Dies giving Harry more time to look for the horcruxes. (I hate that Wormtail is included, but I suppose he did technically save Harry)

from Living on Fifty

Why I'm Not Paying for My Daughter's College - But She'll Still Graduate Debt Free

By not handing our daughter her college education, but still expecting her to graduate debt free, we'll be setting her up for the brightest future possible.

from TechCrunch

Technical Debt Will Kill You Dead (If You Let