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e as last year: I score 20/15 with the left eye and about 20/20 with the right. I complain about fuzzy vertical lines in right eye. With the doctor we agree to do a corrective surgery in the right eye to resolve some astigmatism and set it for distance vision. The mid-afternoon surgery (around 3:30pm) went well, with a treatment time of 6 seconds. Medication to use: Antibiotic (Gentamicin) 1 eye drop 4x/day, Non-steroid anti-inflammatory (Durezol) 1 eye drop 2x/day, Artificial tears…

When the first drop of tears come from your right eye, its happiness when it's from your left eye, it's pain

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YOU BE THE JUDGE: WATCH...Did Obama Put Something In His Eye To Make It Look Like He Was Crying? » | "Are you kidding me? When is the last time you saw anyone cry out of only one eye? He clearly rubs his left eye with his finger (insert solution to make eyes water) then pauses (not for effect, but to wait for the solution to work), then voila…instant tears pour out of ONLY one eye…"


Sacred Eye Udjat or Horus-eye symbolizes legitimate kingship. The amulet combines the human eye with the cheek marking of a falcon and the tear marking of a cheetah. The right eye is connected with the sun, the left eye represents the moon. ca. 945-525 BCE. Egypt. polychrome faience, glass

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Gareth Pugh at Paris Spring 2013 (Details)

Gareth Pugh 2013, Alex Box. Note the single tear down the model's left eye

When The First Tears You Cry Come From Your Left Eye, It's Because Of Something Painful, But If They Come From Your Right Eye, It's From Something Happy.


I did not know this~ When a person cries, the first tear that comes from the right eye means Happiness. If the first tear comes from the left eye, its from pain.


1/06/16 REAL or FAKE Tears - Obama's Crying At Gun Violence Speech. Too bad the blonde woman in green is trying hard not to smile. When emotion causes a person to tear up, BOTH EYES TEAR UP AT THE SAME TIME. This is a biological response that cannot be controlled. Look at the large shine beneath Obama's left eye. But his RIGHT eye is DRY, even when he passes a finger under it as though wiping something away. There's nothing there. The skin remains dry. the…

interesting...I'm wondering about that left eye, right eye tear thing.
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