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Team Gb Rio Modern Pentathlon

Team GB modern pentathletes Sam Weale, Samantha Murray, Mhairi Spence and Nick Woodbridge.

Samantha Murray celebrates winning Olympic silver in the modern pentathlon


Our glorious golden Games

Since the modern Olympics began in 1896, no country had increased its medal tally four years after hosting the Games. Yet Team GB will claim its 67th medal today, two more than at London 2012.


S velkou radosti hlasim supr vykon a krasne 4. misto na ME !! S Honzou Kufem jsme splnili kvalifikaci do Ria a v teamu jeste s Ondrou Polivkou mame bronz!!! Super!! Diky za podporu ! #RoadToRio #european #championships #bath #modern #pentathlon #team #bronze #medal #olympic #qualifier #rio #happiness #dukla #comeback #continue #succes #celebration #time by svobodadave

Masterful Murray: Samantha Murray earned Team GB's last medal of the Games with a Silver in the Women's Modern Pentathlon

Samantha Murray - Team GB's last medal of 2012, a Silver in the Modern Pentathalon.


Chloe Esposito has claimed gold in modern pentathlon at the Rio 2016 Games.

Samantha Murray- Silver Medallist in Modern Pentathlon


Samantha Murray - Silver, Women's Modern Pentathlon