Teacup Australian Shepherd | Blue Horizon toy australian shepherds

Quality Tiny Toy Austrailian Shepherds for sale, home raised and pampered for the first 8 weeks, before going to their new homes.

Teacup Australian Shepherds ...OMGoodness look at all those Colors☺

There are three sizes of an Australian Shepherd recognized by the American Stock Dog Association: Standard, Toy and Miniature. And "Teacup" is the smallest of

Teacup Australian Shepherds... too bad I will never have an Australian Shepard

Teacup Australian Shepherd dogs seem to be quickly growing in popularity due to their adorable appearance and fantastic demeanor.

Teacup Australian Shepherd, so adorable:)

Miniature Australian Shepherd (Aussie) breeder in Flint, Michigan. Here at Toy Story Aussies we specialize in Teacup, toy , and occasionally small mini australian shep

Teacup Australian Shepard Puppy...I had no idea that there was a teacup size in this breed  -so adorable

Bring on the Cute: Teacup Australian Shepard Puppy. Look at this baby how could you not want one. So cute!