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How to “Pre-Block” a Scene - When directing a show, it can be very useful to “pre-block” a scene ahead of time. “Pre-blocking” means to plan all basic character movements in advance of the rehearsal. This can save a lot of time during rehearsals, as directors will be organized and ready to go with their staging already in mind. This, in […]


A Comparison of Rehearsal Blocking Techniques - Teachers, when working in rehearsals with your students, are you more of a planner type or a go-with-the-flow type? Do you map out all the blocking and movements in advance, or do you allow students to experiment and figure out their work more organically? There are as many different types of rehearsal blocking techniques as […]


Directing the School Musical – 5 Tips for Success - Directing a musical is a daunting feat. We spoke with three teachers about their experience directing musicals at the school level . From their experiences, we’ve got 5 tips to share that will help make your musical a success. Our guest experts: Roxane Caravan (high school), Kim Florio (high school), and Tricia Oliver (middle school). 1. Plan […]


How to Effectively Use a Student Assistant Director - Directing a show for your students can be a daunting task. Teachers are busy people! On top of in-class time, lesson planning, marking, administrative tasks, and all the other jobs that arise, taking on an extracurricular activity–especially one as large as a school production–might seem like a lot. However, this is a great opportunity to […]


This uplifting, inclusive little show has its heart in the right place, and also wears it on its sleeve.

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