Here is a FREE Decimal Teaching Resource Kit. Decimals can be a tricky subject to grasp if you don’t have a good understanding of place values.

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Improve your students understanding of PLACE VALUE with these SIX models for teaching decimals. Make sure your students have concrete, hands-on experiences before moving to abstract thinking. #math #decimals

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Teaching decimals can be enough to set a kid's hair on fire. Once they are confused, it's pretty tricky to set the ship right again. Sometimes what is needed is to just start over with step-by-step lessons that clear the cobwebs, and let understanding shine through! These six tips, teaching video and game links are sure to help wheather you are just introducing decimals, or need to do an intervention!

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Decimal Place Value-- Would have to be careful explaining this with my students-- As they all have two first names!

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What a GREAT picture to show as you start teaching decimals…are they really important???

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