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Problem-based Learning in Biology with 20 Case Examples

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Mrs. Paul - Biology: AP Biology 2016-2017

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Natural selection in anoles example with video and graphics!

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Genetics Project - The Inheritance of Coat Color in Labrador Retrievers

Teach your Biology students about inheritance patterns by presenting them with a real-world scenario that involves PUPPIES! They'll love it!

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Genetics Unit Homework Pages

Love this comprehensive high school genetics worksheet set. It has incomplete dominance, codominance, sex-linked traits, polygenic inheritance, epistasis and more in its 18 page set. This is all I need to give my students for homework during the genetics unit! Science with Mrs. Lau

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Harry Potter Genetics Lesson 2

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How an RNA Gene Silences a Whole Chromosome

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Biology Task Cards Bundle

A growing bundle of Biology TASK CARDS for the year! Students love them!

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Beatrice the Biologist! Cultivating curiosity and appreciation for science and nature one giggle at a time. I love this.

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5 Helpful Tips for Teaching Genetics

5 Helpful Tips for Teaching Genetics by Biology Roots

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