The Boston tea party occurred on 1773. Colonists dressed as Native Americans and dumped 342 crates of tea into the harbor. This made England furious.

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Sam Adams. A Major Leader in the Revolution, He Founded the Sons of Liberty and Organized the Boston Tea Party.

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The Tea Party movement spontaneously formed in 2009 from the reaction of the American people to fiscally irresponsible actions of the federal government, misguided “stimulus” spending, bailouts and takeovers of private industry. Within the first few weeks of the movement, Tea Party Patriots formed to support the millions of Americans seeking to improve our great nation through renewed support for fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free market economic policies.

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Tea Party Patriots to Protest at Local IRS Offices -

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Find more Tea Party Patriots at and get news important to conservatives.

Boston, Massachusetts - Boston Tea Party Scene Print by Lantern Press at

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