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#25- Do I own any Taylor Swift merchandise- Uhmm if you count a t-shirt and I piano songbook then yes

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My friend literally hid from me in target because Taylor Swift came on and I couldn't control myself

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"Hi, I'm Taylor Swift, and yes, this is my everyday shopping outfit. Who doesn't wear a prom dress to the grocery store?"

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Taylor Swift Celebrates Record Store Day With '1989'

So here's the story of how I was introduced to Taylor: I lost my iPod in summer 2008, and my cousin Becca lent me hers. "Are you allowed to listen to Taylor Swift?" She asked. Not knowing who this girl was, I said, "Sure." That Christmas, I asked Santa for tickets to see her in concert, but was just as happy with her first CD. It's been on replay ever since. In loving memory of Becca...1987-2011 <3

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