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This is an excellent tarot card spread that I’ve had for a while, and use regularly in readings for other people. I rely on it so much because if the empowerment that it gives to the seeker. …

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As promised, your bonus spread! The Why the Hell is This Happening? Spread is perfect for those of us going through a painful or bewildering...

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A morning spread to help you channel your energies for the day. HolyOmTarot on Etsy. tarot, tarot spreads, tarot draws, daily draws, tarot readings

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Tarot Spreads for Every Occasion

Daily tarot spread. This is another example of a three card spread that you can do at the beginning of your day.

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Working with Your Shadow - a tarot spread. Designed to uncover what is hidden in the unconscious that needs to become conscious, as well as how to accept those shadow aspects, learn from them and heal.

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The Silver Lining Tarot Spread for love, relationship, career, and moving forward tarot card readings. One of the many tarot spreads by Kate Madison. Visit for free online tarot reading lessons, tips, and videos. Pictured: Dreaming Way Tarot Card Deck.

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