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I love how nervous she looks, she is so anxious about meeting her parents. What if they dont love her or like her? Gothel never did. Shes so sincere gah it kills me


I've been looking out my window for 18 years, DREAMING of what it will be like. What if it's not everything I've dreamed it would be?? It will be. And what if it is? What do I do then? "Well I guess that's the good part then. You get to go out and find a new dream."


Which Disney Princess Wedding Gown Should You Get Married In?

Day 06 // Prettiest Princess: Rapunzel, but I like her as a brunette. She has that spunky, spitfire look that I like. And maybe I'm biased, because she has green eyes and I have green eyes but whatever. I think she and Aurora are the prettiest.