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KOBE | Takeda Castle Ruins


Takeda Castle Ruins, Hyogo, Japan. Takeda Castle was built on this site in the path of aggression between Harima/Tanba and Tajima regions as a stronghold of Izushi Castle. It was built by Ohtagaki Mitsukage, a retainer of Yamana Sozen, lord of the area, in 1441. Ohtagaki, who had been a military commander of the Yamana clan for 5 generations became lord of the castle.


Takeda Castle Ruin in Asago, Hyogo, Japan 「写真提供 吉田利栄」 (photo by Toshihisa Yoshida) from Asago City Office Web


Built in 1441 on the summit of a mountain that towers nearly 1000ft over the surrounding terrain, the ruins of Takeda Castle cover an area a quarter of a mile in length and more than 300 feet in width. It was built in the path of aggression between the Yamana and Hideyoshi Daimyos, who were fighting for control of what is now northern Hyogo Prefecture. In 1577 the Hideyoshi family defeated the Yamana family forces garrisoned at Takeda Castle and the castle fell into their control. Takeda ...


Taketa castle |Asago, Hyōgo:日本のマチュピチュ?天空の城 竹田城跡